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PRIME Pinot Grigio

Our wine is located in the Padan Plain and includes the provinces of Treviso and Venice. The climate and environment are particularly suitable in these areas for the cultivation of various wines, including Pinot Grigio. Our wine is the result of a bud-mutation of Pinot Nero, from which it acquired elegance and refinement.


Color & Appearance: Brilliant, straw yellow with copper tinges.

Bouquet: Elegant and refined, with delicate floral notes of elderflower and acacia, and fruity aromas of pear and peach. Pleasant note of almond in the finish.

Taste: Dry, fresh, harmonic acidity perfectly balanced with the good structure and smoothness of this vine.

Serving Suggestions: It goes well with light starters like cured ham, pasta, risotto, white meat, vegetables, fish (excellent with seabass). Perfect as an aperitif.

PRIME Valpolicella

Valpolicella is a land devoted to growing vines since ancient times. Its name “vallis polis cellae” actually means “the valley of many cellars”.


Color & Appearance: Ruby red with purple tinges.

Bouquet: Young, fresh, fragrance, it is delicately fruity, with fine cherry notes.

Taste: Medium bodied, dry, with pleasantly astringent tannins

Serving Suggestions: It goes particularly well with Cured meats, soups, pasta, roasted or grilled white meat, grilled veggies. It is an ideal summer drinking red wine to be matched with savory fish courses. Also known as the “baby of the Amarone’s”

PRIME Prosecco

A Brut sparkling wine obtained by Glera grapes grown according to the classic, traditional techniques in the province of Treviso. Over the years, typicality and quality, the distinctive traits of these grapes have remained unchanged, making Prosecco the most famous and best-selling Italian wine all over the world. This is a best seller at Tuscan Prime and a favorite of the Restaurant Diva.


Color & Appearance: Straw yellow with gold reflexes, fine and persistent perlage.

Bouquet: Fruity (apple, white peach, citrus fruits) and delicate floral (acacia, wisteria) notes.

Taste: Fresh, delicate, balanced, with a harmonious blend of acidity and softness.

Serving Suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif and in cocktails, it is also an ideal all-around wine. It goes particularly well with pasta, risotto, fish, or meat courses and vegetables as well as with pizza.

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