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To drink wine or not is the question. Or how to drink it, order, it, taste it, or pair it is the bigger question. For so many people wines can be an acquired taste while others favor it over all other forms of dining and recreational beverages.

The Pareto Principle, also called the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. This is true in the world of wine, where 80% of wine is consumed by 20% of the people.

So, what about wine makes it so intimidating and mysterious to the average drinker. Is it the large selections and choices while dining out, some wine lists or should I say wine books over 25 pages or more, the costs associated with wine, the varietal of grapes, the body, or legs of the wine, or the #1 question I get asked all the time being in the restaurant industry what you eat or pair with it. Wine comes with rules, expectations, regulations, and guidelines of etiquette. Let’s talk wine- the easiest way to enjoy wine is to keep it simple sister or KISS like used across all industries. The simplification of the intimidating process makes it more approachable and enjoyable.

The basic rule for this, surprisingly enough is: “there is no rule”. There are however a few traditional guidelines that people tend to follow, for example White wines pair best with fish or white meats, red wines with red meats or heavy, savory dishes, Rose’ wines with salty or spicy choices and of course dessert, sweet wines with chocolate and or decadence.

Then what is all the show about when you see wine drinkers swirling tastes of wine, smelling the grapes in the glasses to their nose, looking at the “legs” running down the inside of the pour, intimidating to most you think? As I mentioned above the small population of 20% tend to not only enjoy the art of drinking the wines but tend to enjoy learning more about the art and education that comes with the grapes.

The Color, Aroma and brightness, Taste and complexity, Wine body and weight- or the boldness of the wine.

Well, I fall into that 20%, I am a wine lover and drinker for sure and have continued to study and expand my pallet of the art of drinking wine through the years. Becoming an importer just recently and bottling my own varietal of grapes, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella, and Prosecco under a private label has expanded my knowledge for sure. Wine is an experience that can leave a lasting impression like a fine piece of art so choosing the right wine, the perfect dish to accompany, and of course the company to drink it with leaves you wanting more. So the answer to the original question asked above to drink wine or not- is an open ended question like a book with no ending, no right or wrong, but the pairing important. “More important than the food pairing is the person with whom you drink the wine” a famous quote to persuade your answer.


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